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Techno-Economic Uplift #1
, 1999,
floppy disks, paint, poetry, FT newspaper

Techno-Economic #1:  A top global financial firm was my muse for combining a powerful visual statement about the New Economy, the velocity of technology yet defining principles and values such as "integrity" that have made my "muse" an enduring and formidable presence. Special emphasis is on the word "diversity" which is weaved into the poetry of Techno-Economic uplift because it was one of the crucial issues of the 21st century. I placed the word "diversity" at the 12:00 position as a crowning issue in a New Economy that is far more inclusive than the "old" economy and must continue to be so.
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Suzannah B. Troy holding
"Techno-Economic Uplift #2 Innovations"

Techno-Economic Uplift #2 Innovations:  Floppy disks mounted on The Financial Times Newspaper, with highly dynamic, energetic paint surfaces and poetry. The innovations of technology will once again be driving the New Economy.  This poem emphasizes "innovations", "information" , "communication" and also "touch".   All the techno-economic poems address the "velocity of technology" and the "speed of change".

"Techno-Economic Uplift #3 The Disparity - Bridging the Gap"

Techno-Economic Uplift #3 The Disparity -Bridging the Gap: Global economics require a comment on the disparity and the despair. I mounted the image on a page of The Financial Times and blushed the pink paper as if reporting the news makes us "globally" blush with the knowledge. Despite the pain of this knowledge I believe technology, communication and information will help address the issues re: humanity from poverty, starvation, illness to urgent environmental problems. hence the mixture of red and gold -- the violence of knowing and the gold represents hope of healing -- and bridging gaps.