condom bra poem: (inside bra) 
lingerie is meant to seduce-- 
lingerie is usually worn by women, condoms are usually worn by men 
yet the ramifications 
birth control, sexually transmitted diseases seem to be 
the responsibility--resolution 
address undress redress 
is woman's 

(poem inside celphone underpants) 
"Going Protean" 
hello cel, 
is that your cel, phone or mine? 

I am as free as I want to be 
interpretations, that is your privilege. 
I'm just exercising my privilege as a US Citizen 
It's called The First Amendment 

I am a Mae West from the 21st century 
Is that a gun in your pocket 
or is it pointed at my head? 

not going protean for you baby, 
going protean is art 
going protean for me

geo-sexual politics 
I know I have it better than my sisters, globally speaking 
but HELLO 
we sisters still don't have the most basic human rights, globally 

If I go protean, it's for me! 
I want freedom of expression to resonate globally, 
do you get that? 
hello cel, 
do you get that on a cellular level? 

* These 2 art works are separate pieces that I placed together because they 
address painful issues re: women but like "women's roles" in many cultures 
they appear ornamental and celebratory when "underneath" them -- in this case 
inside them lay "painful truths" that globally we don't want to look at... 
They are also obvious references to consumerism, advertising, 
objectification/object/product dehumanization, etc. 

all art and poetry copyrighted by Suzannah B. Troy

"going protean is art"