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I've donated my white blood cells twice and my platelets many times.
NYU Medical Center RUSK  + I did volunteer work with the pre-school kids 
Tompkins Square Park
ran the 1991, 1992 New York City Marathons 
At some point after Sept. 11, I found myself absorbed in the biker fantasies and idea of free, rebellion and transportation as opposed to walking and taking the subway everywhere.  I love Mike Lichter's photos and I now have the "just married" photo in my collection!
The Metropolitan Museum

+After getting my letter published in The New York Times I went to Israel...

Yad Vashem's setting gives it a uniquely moving context and my heart and soul cried and yet I did feel Yad Vashem's loving embrace which was a great comfort.  The Children's Memorial was particularly moving.  It's a building you enter and you are surrounded by lights -- a biblical reference to G-d's covenant with Abraham. My interpretation is this: the stars were our witness too and they were so grief stricken they had to come inside to mourn -- the stars literally turned inward on themselves in grief.  As you look above, around you and even below at the lights -- the stars that shine and grieve into infiniti as disembodied voices read the names of children, their names, ages and countries....You have no choice but to weep as I am now weeping sharing this with you.

You know I volunteered with pre-school handicapped children at Rusk, NYU Medical Center. I love children so very much so you can imagine how heart & soul wrenching this memorial is and yet the intense love, heart, soul and intelligence of the team who put it all together -- Yad Vashem!!!

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