Excoriated Soul
"Excoriated Soul" 1999 unstretched canvas aprox. 16 ft X 3.5 feet, text written on canvas addresses Mala Zimetbaum's courage in defying the Nazis in her life and in her death as well as other issues such as being a Jew now and a wish we would "Globally Speaking" get it together-Peace.

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I think of Mala Zimetbaum & Edward Galinski their courage encourages me I think of Mala Zimetbaum and her incrediable courage

I understand what that razor meant to her. Auschwitz Sept. 15, 1944 Mala 20 years old
The smell can't be caught on film---in a book 
Excoriated Soul

I am interested in truth
the depth of truth
---sleeping justice, society's truth or are they sleeping in front of the tv
justice amnesia
I am interested in righteous behavior

I must regain my life while I am living
start living
June 7, 1999

Could you imagine if we had Prozac during WWII?
People want to give me Prozac
I have had a few people offer me anti depressants
I fell in love with a Jew bad man
I am a Jew
I am a Jew
he tried to get me to be like him -- in a state of "complete soul disconnect"
it is so painful to met a "stereotype"
I had compassion
I was a fool
I didn't want him to be the worst part of his humanity
I feel shame for him
he is incapable of feeling shame
shame I cared for him
I can't forget anti-Semitic acts towards my people
but when my people do wrong that hurts more than anti-Semitism

I want to feel even if it's tremendous "soul pain" grief -- I want to hold onto my "Spiritual Integrity" I must embrace faith I have met EXCEPTIONAL MEN AND WOMEN WHO ARE NOT BAD STEREOTYPES must remember remember my own value my life life I am tired of the sick twisted tormentors "hooking me" I don't want them in my life I don't want them to have my art.

I am tired of the small cruelties, and I am tired of tormenting myself-stop. I must embrace the good people, preserve the goodness in me, good experiences in my life and move forward.
When are "we" going to get it together GLOBALLY SPEAKING! Peace living Peace do my best to leave the planet better than I found it Globally think Peace Globally thinking globally thinking globally living: PEACE.