Globally Speaking Peace

Performance art as an advertisement: Art Forum Magazine, Summer Issue 1999. Modern Day Earth Mother, global cooridnator--Peace...Wearing "Latex Your Mind" Tshirt. Latex Your Mind is trademarked. The back of the t shirt says: There is a technological highway running thru your mind make wise choices 21st century-globally speaking-peace.

Advertising, commercialism churns on our discontent and self-rejection; buy this and you will be more "accepted", lovable, desirable... The "Latex your Mind" advertisement takes commercialism and puts forth a wish for the 21st century that "we" globally get it together! Latex conjures up issues of safe sex which is crucial and I wanted to take it a step deeper by urging us to start with our minds and make wise choices---globally speaking, globally thinking and with our lives from moment to moment.

The background is the Washington Memorial but the blurriness and the cropping make the image vague enough to be a city anywhere in the world, and no, it is not Hillary, and yes t-shirts are still available!!!