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Look for the art book, "I'm Married to my Technology"
Sexual Sonar
sexual sonar "ballme" ball everyone machine?
you are my virtual unreality...
are you a fantasy
or a techno-bad dream?

*extremely abridged version of Sexual Sonar

"Surviving Obsession, Losing My Muse" 1997 video
"Coming Out of an Art Coma" 1998 video

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"Listen Up" Women's underwear with 2 delicate transitor radios. 1995

TEcnh-Chastity Belt
techno-chastity belt/spiritual safetybelt-I am in charge of my sexual choices/protection from people with unloving agendas, recycled walkman, acrylic, & sand...1997
Untitled, 1984
"Bra with Brains," bra with floppy disks & condoms
Apathy is not Okay
"Apathy is Not Okay," 7 x 3 ft., 1997
Don't Selebrate Hate
"Don't Selebrate Hate," 6 x 3 ft., 1996
Untitled, 30 x 40 in., acrylic on cardboard, 1989
"Disconnections," acrylic, wire, unstrteched canvas, 1984
Technology goves me choices
"Technology Gives Me Choices... but it Cannot Restore my Innocence," underpants, disk, paint, 1998
Latex Your Mind
"Latex Your Mind," floppy disks, condoms, 1994
He stared - She replied,
"You wish your Balls were that Big," (more art armour, 1998)
So much for the male gaze.
"Techno-art-armour," lingere with floppy disk
Is Technology Bust?
"Is Technology Bust?" corset, floppy discs, acrylic
"Don't lose your Humanity in your Technology," acrylic on floppy disks
the technological revolution is evolving so rapidly, techno-old are techno-antiques...
Breast painting
"Breast Painting," 1997 11 feet, acrylic and pen on paper

Excoriated Soul
"Excoriated Soul" 1999 unstretched canvas aprox. 16 ft X 3.5 feet, text written on canvas addresses Mala Zimetbaum's courage in defying the Nazis in her life and in her death as well as other issues such as being a Jew now and a wish we would "Globally Speaking" get it together-Peace.

Safe Haven
"Safe Haven," 1998, an art poem in a muse box
Surviving Obsession Book
"Surviving Obsession Book," 1997
Clit Protector
"Clit Protector"
a series, clit protectors for the anatomically unenlightened ball busters....
women are being sexually mutilated as part of a cultural "rite of passage..."
sometimes this behavior manifests "metaphorically" speaking....
we must stop this behavior -- it is not okay.

Untitled, 1984

Untitled, 1985

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