"Globalisation of My Privatization"


art: women's issues, geo-sexual politics, human relations, communication, 
global economics, globally speaking: peace

What I need, and a dream about a children's book in memory of Theo the Wonder Cat click here
Letters published in the Financial Times, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Crains Business News, the NY Post, NY Daily News, Metro, AM New York, The Village Voice, The Villager, The New York Sun, The Jerusalem Post and Newsday

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December 2006 ARTFORUM

Standing on Rivington Street, holding Pucci house collage.

Sty Town, Bye Town, affordable housing an oxymoron,
Village, East and West, The Bowery, Lower East Side -- we asked for
preservation and protection but an economic tsunami wave of over the top development came thru, supersized, mega retail, mega dormed us to death.

Our historic neighborhood looks like a bad, bad xerox of midtown,
mirrored buildings reflect a history that is no longer there and a community no
longer welcomed! If you love the East Village, Bowery and the Lower East Side call 311, tell the Mayor or you will have to visit a recreation in a museum of Las Vegas...

Activist's Underpants 2006
Supersize Love Passion & Peace, not our historic neighborhoods!

"Dream/Goal: City wide-wise unite our collective outrage...
"Stop the over the top development -- displacement protest!"

Date: The date is being pushed back
to be a part of the protest email sodync@yahoo.com

Where: City Hall
(right now this is a dream I hope we can make a reality!)

Letter in The New York Sun Nov. 24

"City Set To Present Plan for Lower East Side'

Renaissance? I thought I was living in the East Village, not a bad Xerox of midtown [New York, "City Set To Present Plan for Lower East Side," November 1, 2006]. We have been mega dormed to death mostly by New York University but also by New York Law School, The New School for Social Research, and Cooper Union. Yet another NYU mega dorm and the tallest building ever in the East Village will be built and Saint Ann's Church from 1847 fell to NYU's greed and need to build yet another NYU mega dorm. Amanda Burden supports this dorm being the tallest building yet in the East Village. So far Amanda Burden has ignored our community pleas for zoning protection.

City Planning's incentives to developers in the name of affordable housing is a Trojan horse for developers to further supersize our historic area. The mayor and City Planning seem to care only for housing for NYU students and developers with luxury condos and mirrored hotels that reflect a history that is being destroyed. A community is no longer welcome. We have asked for preservation and protection of our long term community members, and if more isn't done to protect us you will have to visit a re-creation of the East Village, Bowery, and Lower East Side in Las Vegas or in a museum.


Please send checks for 47 East 3rd St. tenants who are fighting eviction and although they won the first round they need finanical support for their legal bills.  I will be donating a piece of art -- visit their site for info and help!

My letter published in Crain's New York Business Sept. 4, 2005
"NYU's logo should be a dorm with a dollar (instead of the historic Washington Sq. Park Arch because they have destroyed our historic neighborhood)"   

Click Here to read my letter published in Metro May 5-7, 2006
"More Sites Need landmark status"

Please join the Greenwhich Village Society for Historic Preservation and help us fight to save what is left of our historic area!
thank you!

Sty Town, Bye Town - Read my poem

Click here to find out more about the artwork and our struggle with NYU
These 2 photos by Lorcan Otway

Suzannah B. Troy with art guitar collage work in the beginning stages addressing the supersize passion of Janis Joplin, Fillmore East 1968 and the memory of our neighborhood that has  being aggressively consumed by NYU.  Rolling Stone should write a piece with images of Fillmore East, Bottom Line, The Palladium and although CBGB's has not been directly evicted by NYU their is an unofficial dorm on the very block.

Please become a member of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, 232 East 11th Street, NYC  10003

"Letter of the Week -- "Carbon Copy"  The Village Voice"

Pucci House--inspired by the 60's, Kandinsky, homelessness and the struggles in our community to landmark protect our historic area and our long term community members. April 2006

Techno-Economic Uplift
series click here


****Letter published in the New York Times
Arts Section
Published: September 5, 2004, Sunday
Mae West for President!
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"We come in one size -- beautiful!" Suzannah B. Troy

****Letter published in the Village Voice***
"Bone to Pick"
Published: March 29, 2005
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***Letter published in The Wall Street Journal***
"Betrayal at Ground Zero"
April 27, 2005

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Read the story "Kisses from the Edge(WTC)"
(I thought of Joseph Heller's Catch-22 when I wrote it), see the art, poetry, and more at www.suzannahbtroy.com.


black strapless bra with bullet casings 2004, safe series

Karma Custom Cycles, It is the Journey, Artforum Dec 2005


 Artforum April 2004

Angel On Her MC Riding Out of Apocalypse w/Bad Boy, 6ft x 4ft, 2004

chopping the street -- see bottom of page
Love Boxes, 2003 (click a box from above)

Filthy Animal Undies, Mixed Media, Mixed Messages, Labels, 2003
This piece is a comment on fashion, advertising, and consumerism. Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klien, and Victoria Secrets are selling a fantasy/lifestyle.

Artist & Techno-Art Featured 2-5-98 on the Fox News channel
Photo CD-Rom registered with Irving Sandler Artists virtual at Artists Space, Soho
"I'm Married to My Technology", and "Safe Haven", are part of the Special Collections, University Libraries, Rutgers University Libraries.  Archived with the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington DC.

Click Here for Color Xerox Handmade "Skirtbook" for sale at Bluestockings Bookstore - 172 Allen Street.

Yad Vashem Archive #3859675, a Xerox of "I fear People don't want to love me, they want to collect me" commemorating the Holocaust, Jerusalem, Israel
Stern Magazine photo and a piece by Michael Streck on Manhattan, "O Suzannah" volunteerism as art obsession, page 62, page 64-65, Oct 18, 2001 Germany.
*Streck is very smart.  He did put some words in my mouth which upset me.  I thought his piece was an "off the wall"  snapshot in a landscape of intense shock and grief but I was greatly impressed with his understanding of intensity, passion and the "art brain".

11/26/01 Art for America--Twin Tower Funds, A Homage to our Firefighters, Our Nation's Beacons of Resilience, Angels, on Earth and in Heaven

NY Historical Society, Feb - July 2004 Radical Hospitality, 9-11 jacket with patches & pins honoring NYPD, FDNY and more...

Tompkin Square Park, part of the poem "The Going" in a hexagon tile at the base of the Fountain of Temperance

****Letter published in the New York Times - Published: August 21, 2004, Saturday
"On Sept. 11, 2001, our darkest day, they ran, many to their deaths, to protect and serve."
Police and Fire Pay Raises
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****Letters published in the New York Daily News November 24, 2002, April 9, 2002
It's a matter of life and death, pre- and post- Sept. 11.
re: save our firehouses! click here


****Letter published in the New York Times March 28, 2004
LARS VON TRIER; Dane, Go Home click here


****Letters published in the New York Post March 30, 2004, May 26, 2003
Frontline Firehouses Monuments to Courage


****Letter The New York Post Nov 22, 2003 The FDNY suffered its largest loss in history. The fact that these firemen and NYPD, PAPD, EMS - and all first-responders - died on 9/11 making the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty cannot be made invisible on the memorial.

****Letter The New York Times April 17, 2003 A City Budget, and the Cries of Pain

"...The terrorists' objectives were mass murder and destruction, including the destruction of our
economy, but shutting down firehouses and threatening layoffs is tantamount to saying we can't
afford to fly the troops back from Iraq...."


****Why the Fire Marshal must stay in the Bronx, City Section, The New York Times click here


****The New York Times, The Science Section, June 8
Death with Dignity, Choosing to Die click here


****Letter published in the Financial Times June 3, 2000
re: FT's courage to show an image that strongly "celebrated" women
(Lucien Freud's Naked Portrait & William Packer's beautiful description) related to SBT's issues
as a woman painter as well as women's issues from basic human rights to economic power. 


****letter, Feb. 4, 2004 The New York Daily News

The death of the crew of the Columbia marks another tragedy of undefinable loss. Also, there is a sadness because Col. Ilan Ramon, a son of an Auschwitz survivor, carried an art work, "Moon Landscape" drawn by a boy named Peter Ginz. Peter's imagination took to the moon, although he would never journey out of adolescence, but to a horrific death in the Holocaust.


****Letter published in The New York Times June 22, 2001 in support of Yad Vashem and Bruno Schulz's Art:  The Battle Over the Murals of Pain


Click on image to full size
Bruno Schulz July 12, 1892, SBT July 15, 1962
what connects us: The New York Times,
Yad Vashem, Poland-Galicia
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Knowledge is Power

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Globally Speaking Peace

I have a large body of diverse artwork that is timely,
passionate, deeply psychological...
art with heart. Art making is a ritualistic and cathartic experience for me.
All my art is my skin and a part of my soul. I never felt like I had skin.
I want to touch your soul; make you think and feel.
I make my art provocative with "spiritual vitamins".
The present political scandals, MTV, and global techno-consumption
of the "media fastfood"
makes being a provocateur more challenging than modern art history itself.

Art books "latex your mind" rubber stamps and all images available on T-shirts.

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Climbing out of the Abyss
Work boots

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I Won't Extinguish Myself...
"I Won't Extinguish Myself to Make You Love Me,"
unstretched canvas, 3 walkmen (persons),
underpants and bra, 122 x 36 in., 1995

Art Armor#2
"Art Armor #2," bustier & paintbrushes,
acrylic, 1998

replacement 1
"Replacement 1" 6ft x 3ft, acrylic c.'94

"Condom Bra & Cel Phone Underwear" 2000
These artworks each have a poem inside them that address painful issues with regard to
women -- globally speaking -- click here for poetry.


Techno Sex

I have made a series of jock straps, ties, men's' and women's' underwear transformed by floppy disks. Some with disks and condoms talk about various themes: safe sex, computer sex creating new frontiers re: fear about intimacy. Technology has become such an everyday part of our lives we forget it's there. Technology has become like our underwear or second skin. We must wear technology responsibly in the 21st Century.

Imagine-A-Book Bra
"Imagine-A Book Bra" sport bra,
acrylic, paper book, text, 1999

"I Fear People Don't Want to Love Me, They Want to Collect Me," 1998, 145 x 45 in.
"I  Fear People Don't Want to
Love Me, They Want to Collect Me,"
1998, 145 x 45 in.
Safe Sex...
"Safe Sex Isn't Just Latex, it's
Discernment," bras with floppy
disks & condoms
Feel My Soul...
"Feel My Soul, Feel Me?" full
body corset, floppy disks and 
acrylic, 19 x 10 in, 1997

(click here for art poem)

Why is Communication...
"Why is communication so Difficult,"mens'
underwear with celphone, 1998
"I Am Not a Piece of Techno-Meat,"

Techno-Men of Mine
  To the far right is "Adam Techno-Head." He warns us not to lose our head to technology and never forget our connection with nature and our souls. He has text on his body discussing the global marketplace, technological superhighways, satellites, etc. "I am not a techno-luddite."
The black mannequin "Communicating on a cellular level" (middle) has 2 cellular phones and talks about a deep desire to connect on a cellular level; then asks "With Whom?" The text talks about avoiding sexual pyrrhic victories, how some words defy the prefix "techno," like God, love, honor, respect.
The golden man is "I am Listening." He is covered with walkman and tape all over his body. Even the poorest people in our country can wear a piece of technology to comfort or isolate themselves. Women complain-men do not listen.
"I'm Married to My Technology, " mannequin with 2 left hands, bicycle, floppy disks, computer tape, recycled walkman turned into a techno-chastity belt to protect her from making unwise sexual choices and people with unloving agendas, Two wedding bands made out of CPU parts and a telephone line symbolizing the information highways that connect us, cellular phone, beeper, telephone wire, 3-D glasses, acrylic.

She is covered in text concerning sexual politics, this century's history marked by techno-destruction and a wish we become technologically responsible in the 21st Century--not only with regard to each other but to nature and the universe.
"I'm Married to My Technology"

"Techno-Peace" floppy disk
and acrylic, 1998 Place in your
Spiritual Disk Drive
"We Must 'Wear' My Technology
Responsibly in the 21st Century

Spiritual CPR
"Spiritual CPR, I Am Sexually
Recycling You,"

  Close-up of a large painting with text... Part of an extensive series of poetry, painting and fetishistic objects re: obsession. Obsession is a mutilation of the psyche. It is like biting your mind instead of your nails... this painting states that there is a simple and unrevolutionary way to make a better world by being a better person.
"Techno-Penis-Head," unstreched
canvas, 4 x 4 ft., 1999, "I know it's not
 all men, it just feels that way."

do the "girls" stop the pain?
3 P's "power, penis factor, PAIN"
the last 2 P's temporarily annihilate
the third P= PAIN

Chopping the Street: One megamillion at time... an unconventional motorcycle outlaw love story... about transformations of all kinds including taking an international motorcycle club and making it over into a global investment service firm on wheels


All artwork and content © Suzannah B. Troy.

Turning Pain Into Gold Big 0